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  • Tanzania Adventures

    From the depths of Ngorongoro Crater to the Serengeti plains, exotic Zanzibar to coastal Saadani National Park, our superbly organized, custom safaris are the finest way to experience the exhilaration of being on a wildlife safari in Tanzania. We know of no finer adventure than being in the wilds of Ngorongoro Crater or in Tarangire! Safety, efficiency, and reliability have earned us the reputation for being the best-valued. We are ready to take you on a stunning safari adventure where our English-speaking guides will share their knowledge and stories of the incredible Tanzania game reserves. 

  • Camping Tanzania

    Tanzania is most famous for the vast serengeti national park,strechting out for almost 13000sq kms.but there is so much more to this fsscinating country .ngorongoro crater o word heritage site, is home to a host of wildlife that make the crater floor their natural habiatat.tanzania;s riftaelley features the popular lakeManyara and tarangire parks .Ruaha and the selous ai the southern part of Tanzania are spectacular,with abundant game.to the coast,the ‘spice island’ of zanzibar is well worth visitng.possibly the most well known sigt of all is snow capped tip mount Kilimanjaro.

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